A data-driven platform that makes ESG investment more efficient

We help you manage EU Taxonomy

  • We have an EU Taxonomy tool

  • You can set your ESG standards

  • Have your clients' ESG standards controlled

  • Create your Taxonomy Claim

  • Match ESG standards with investments

Our Product


ESG data collection

  • Non-Financial Reports

  • Quantitative data

  • Public News

  • Reddit

  • Apps with employee feedback

  • Customer reviews


ESG data monitor

  • Identification of red flags

  • Identification of investment opportunities

  • Control over ESG standards

  • Constant ESG portfolio monitoring

  • Sentiment analysis on data sources like Twitter, Reddit, Blogs, and others

  • Verification of reviewed data


ESG data deliver

  • Automatic reports for regulators

  • Automatic reports for investors and clients

  • Automatic ESG reports based on specific topics

  • Data deliver based on customizable ESG standards

  • Investment ESG feedback


Big Data sources

We collect data from sources like Twitter, Reddit, Glassdoor, for trend monitoring and sentiment analysis

ESG Standards customization

The client can manage and control their ESG standards and investments.

EU Taxonomy tool

We have an EU Taxonomy tool, that simplifies the process of adaptation to new regulations.

Problems that we solve

Are you looking for solutions on these topics?

Consistency on ESG Data

We help the client navigate through any government regulations - like EU Taxonomy - and control any red flags from their investments.

Why Choose Us?

Control ESG Standards

We provide quantitative and qualitative data to facilitate the investment analysis. The provided data is adapted to the client ESG standards.

Processing ESG information

We collect data from non-financial and financial reports, big data and score providers, institutional news, Reddit, Glassdoor, blogs, social media, and more, so that all information is covered.